The Journal of Indian Law and Society gives due attention to all the papers that it receives. All papers submitted to us go through three steps. Each piece is coded and edited by two members of the editorial board before it is sent it to an independent referee. Line editing, source checks, citation and style changes are usually done at the end.

This process takes approximately four months to complete as often authors need to be given sufficient time to incorporate suggestions made by the editorial board and the referee. However, in cases of requests for expedited reviews, we take a decision in little less than 8 weeks.

We usually are not in a position to review papers at all during April and December. Papers not within our theme are rejected at the first stage and authors notified instantly. All exchanges with authors take place through email. Barring a few cases, we usually give reasons for rejecting a paper. As a rule, papers are never rejected for lack of space and we always hold them for publication in our next issue. For the interim period, authors are issued a working citation.

Being a peer reviewed journal, we are often not able to take quick decisions on whether to accept or reject a paper. Hence, please consider submitting your paper to us exclusively or a few days earlier than you would do to other journals.