On the 12th of November 2013, the Chief Justice of India set up a three-member Committee to look into a matter of sexual harassment that I had faced by a former Supreme Court Judge.

As requested by the Committee, I appeared before them on the 18th of November. During the meeting, I presented all the details of the case to the Committee. I am confident that the Committee will follow all the different lines of enquiry, and will establish the truth of my statements.

The Committee has assured me complete confidentiality. Some media reports are violating the confidentiality of testimony given by the Committee. They have been distorting facts, and misreporting my statements. Such pernicious and mala fide reporting must cease immediately. I would like to request the media to stop speculating on my communications with the Committee, and continue to respect my privacy.

Issued on 21.11.2013 at 4.45pm

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