Date – 12.11.2013

Statement of Stella James

At around 2.30 pm today, a friend who practices in the Supreme Court called me up to inform that the Chief Justice has formed a committee to look into the issues raised in my blog post.

Since yesterday, a lot of media persons have tried to contact me – either directly or through the journal. Since the committee has now been constituted, I will depose before the Hon’ble judges. Thus, it won’t be appropriate for me to speak to members of the media anymore. Moreover, I have nothing more to say than whatever I have already said in my blog post and the interview I gave to Legally India. I hope all of you will understand my need for privacy.

I thank everyone who have been sending me supportive messages. In times like this, words of wisdom from seniors and good luck messages from friends help a lot. I was particularly touched by the numerous messages which I received from girls who have been at the receiving end of sexual harassment themselves.

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Statement of Stella James

    1. Stella, as you said, you have carried out your responsibility; congratulations! I pray for your sound health, continued happiness and ever-increasing prosperity. May God shower His choicest blessings on you.
      Dr. C. Radhakrishnan, Kottayam.

  1. koi ni..koi ni…take him to task… No need to feel sorry for him… it wasn’t a mistake but a no mercy… A frnd of mine had to undergo sexual harassment like u during her management internship… She cudn’t speak out like you… And like you even laughs at this now …But we must not let this go..specially interns….We are very weak and choose not to persue for saving our careers…but Fight….fight for us !! good luck!!

  2. Dear Stella , i resonate the feelings in your blog , the Indian woman is conditioned against revolt and rebellion , aggressive feminism causes tremors in us as it oftentimes takes a private cause into vouyeristic public sphere causing discomfort that one is prone to avoid..your blogs reflects your emotional maturity , God Speed in your endeavor . A.G

  3. आखिर हमारे समाज की ये कैसी शिक्षा है? मैँ पूरी तरह से अंदर तक हिला हुँआ हूँ मुझे शब्द नही सूझ रहेँ कि इस करतुत पर क्या प्रतिक्रिया दू।

  4. Stella,
    As a senior in the profession wish you stick to the truth only & I am sure justice will be showered.
    My best wishes for braving the cause. Good Luck.

  5. Hi Stella !! It’s unfortunate that you had to undergo this traumatic experience and i know those dark memories are indelible. I must appreciate your courage and will to come out before the society and prove yet again that there are monsters everywhere. I don’t have a solution per se but yes you can count on me to raise my voice at the right time and stand for justice.

    May you be hale and hearty always and god bless you with small mercies.


  6. Complaining against a retired Justice of the Hon’ble Supreme Court needs exemplary courage. You have shown that. Wish u good luck and success in your effort

  7. Guidelines and norms laid down by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Vishaka and Others Vs. State of Rajasthan and Others(JT 1997 (7) SC 384) –

    The Complaints Committee should be headed by a woman and not less than half of its member should be women. Further, to prevent the possibility of any undue pressure or influence from senior levels, such Complaints Committee should involve a third party, either NGO or other body who is familiar with the issue of sexual harassment.

    Wonder why this Committee is three judges and more than half the members are male!

  8. For the sake of posterity and all future students who might be harassed by the high and might. Stella my dear lady you have a national duty to perform. I know it is not easy but then god will give you the courage and the wishes and positive vibes of all well meaning citizens will bring out the best results in this case. On the other hand if you don’t come forward there will be thousands of other Stella’s who will be molested daily all over the country because a message will flow that nobody can touch the high and mighty. Think about this and gather your guts . Take the other three interns along with you to bring to book these other judges who molested your friends in chambers. The entire right minded persons will support you.

  9. whatever has been done so far and has come out in public domain should be sufficient to highlight what has happened and no useful purpose will be served by extending the matter further which would also prolong the agony of the lady who reported the incident. Decency demands that we let the matter rest here.

  10. the visha ka judgment is strictly not relevant here because there has not been any formal complaint nor is the panel a formal body. it would be ridiculous to involve busybodies from NGOs or outsiders in this matter which must be handled with discretion and maturity and not just like any publicity seeking exercise.

    1. A panel of three sitting judges of Supreme Court is not a “formal body”? what is it then? A tea party? Your use of words like “busybodies” indicates that you have no idea as to how a Complaint Committee works and the qualifications required to be a member of such a committee! The inclusion of an “outsider” is to ensure a bias-free inquiry.

      1. A local hero molests a girl in a small town or city by lane . The police record a FIR. Arrest the accused and give him the third degree by which evidence is collected. The complainants name is of disclosed. The Constitution provides that all men are equal in the eyes of law. Why this special treatment to a Supreme Court judge. Under which law of the landis this SC Committee constituted. What powers do they have . Why is everybody worried about this molester judge. Where are all the guardians of women’s rights Why does Times Now not have a T V debate on the conduct of the molester judge and goes on bashing the editor who was at least brave enough to confess. When will conscience keepers of the nation like Smriti Irani and miss Lekhi and Shaun’s N C talk about. Modi. Amit Shah and the likes who snoop and invade privacy of awoke and the produces fake letter of her father when there is no record in the government files. With such people around us l mole esters will have a free hand to do their deeds. Will those that matter know what they are doing can they be called humans.

  11. Stella James, I salute you and your courage for standing up and speaking out. I understand these times must be hard, but you will come out stronger. Radhakrishnan

  12. Why Corporates Think Before Recruiting Female Employee-

    After the sexual harassment case against Tejpal and a retired judge of Supreme Court the corporate sector has decided to bring check upon recruitment of women employee in their organizations. A woman may accuse anybody including the highest boss. It may be true or false. In such circumstances social image of a person is severly damaged. That is why the private employers have decided to think twice before employing female employee.

    1. And rightly so. Let more women exploit the laws and abuse it – they will have to suffer sooner or later, if they abuse the law (or for that matter, if any man abuses the law). Law should be to protect women and men against genuine crimes, not to be able to be used as a weapon of blackmail.

  13. The way things happened in Justice Ganguly case, it appears to public a political conspiracy. Firstly, why the reporting came so late nearly after an year?? Secondly I am not sure on what constitutional authority SC can constitute a enquiry committee. SC is under judiciary, and investigation is the work of administration. Without some interest or pressure, how can one overstep own domain or work !!!??!!! (It is to be checked, if such authority is with SC or they have over-stepped their work domain.) This point has also been raised by retd-HC Justice(probably retd Justice Bhagavati Prasad – please check the name) in a TV show on 23-Dec-2013. Thirdly, the latest episode of leaking of the confidential affidavit by Addl. Solicitor General is just stunning !!! How can she leak it to public?? That too immediately after the TMC leaders’ visit to Delhi from 9-Dec, and immediately after the leakage the Addl. Solicitor General visiting Kolkata !!! Very stunning coincidence. Not very clean. Fourthly, many renowned people of the society from ex-CM of J&K, x-speaker of Lok Sabha, ex-CJI stood firmly for the accused. All the above creates a confusion in public mind and raises a suspicion about the authenticity of the case.

  14. The way the Lady is clamouring for justice it seems she wants that the former SC Judge , with extra-ordinary judgements to his credit , be judged in the media and by the public and the judge himself commits suicide contributing to the truth of the complain. Madam, please, make a formal complain to the police so that all your evidences be checked and the person receives appropriate punishment. When your name and most of the details are in public domain it is difficult to understand what else you want to keep away from public. You are harming to the people who got the solace from the judgements he delivered as head of West Bengal Human Rights Commission.

  15. The second molester judge has been wise and smart. By filing proceedings in a court where he was a judge and claiming damages and getting an Interim order he has stifled all further proceedings. Now very soon he will be exonerated with a certificate of good conduct. The intern will be condemned for behind a loose character woman and will also be asked to pay exemplary damages. An example will be set and no intern or women even if molested will have the guts to allege anything against a judge even if the allegations are true. Justice Ganguly did not get such brilliant legal advice and the poor fellow had to go. The second judge has shown us the way how to protect the image of the judiciary!

  16. Mr Desai you said it correctly. Ms James, though promised to come out at the approprite time with formal police complaints, could not find time to complain yet? I think there should be some PIL to reveal the truth behind the complain. She had shown extra activity by sending an affidavit to Ms Indira Jai Singh as long as the Judge was under media scrutiny and she has gone silent now after the resignation the judge to the full satisfaction of all the parties who were affected by his learned judgements.

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