Citation: 11(2) JILS (2020)

Foreword by Justice Ruma Pal (Retd)

Editorial Note by Anamika Kundu & Anshul Dalmia


Alternative Credit Scoring – A Double Edged Sword by Shehnaz Ahmed

IP Based Financing Scoping Hypothecation of Trademarks by Anuradha Maheshwari

What’s in a Name? Locating the Constitution as a Signifier by Dikshit Sarma Bhagabati

Horizontality and Non-Discrimination Rights by Shweta Sivaram

Addressing the Roadblocks to Gender Neutrality in Sexual and Domestic Violence Laws: A South Asian Perspective by Anupama Sharma

Facilitating the Optimal Mechanisms in Mergers & Acquisitions: A Comparative Perspective from the Commonwealth and United States by Kenneth Khoo & Hans Tjio

Reimagining Youth Justice in Canada: Envisioning a Responsive Regulatory Model within a Human Rights Framework by Dr John Winterdyk