Citation: 12(1) JILS (2021)

Foreword by Professor Dr. Mahendra Pal Singh

Editorial Note by Anamika Kundu


Re-Examining India’s Juvenile Justice Framework: A Call to to Recognize A Juvenile’s Mitigated Culpability and Potential for Reform by Anshul Rahul Dalmia & Stuti S. Kokkalera

Does an Increase in the Legal Age of Marriage for Women Guarantee Equality for Women in India by Jagriti Gangopadhyay

Disability and Care by Jonathan Herring

Preventive Detention Laws in India by Neha Singhal

Information Transparency Requirements in Indian Contract Law and their Application in E-Commerce: Results from an Empirical Survey by Ognyan Seizov & Alexander J. Wulf

Financial Data Protection in Indian Regulatory Policy: From ‘Secrecy’ to “Confidentiality’ to ‘Privacy‘ by Shohini Sengupta

Justice Delayed: A District-wise Empirical Study on Indian Judiciary by Varsha Aithala, Rathan Sudheer & Nandana Sengupta