Citation: 13(1) JILS (2022)

Foreword by Professor Dr. Rukmini Sen

Editorial Note by Alex K. Koshy


Justice for Children: With Special Reference To Education by Krishna Kumar

Whose Intentionality is it Anyway? Analogizing the Literary Theory Architecture for International Treaty Interpretation by Vanya Kumar

Online Platforms and the Future of Regulation by Regis Lanneau

When Law Defeats its Purpose: How Anti-Dowry Legislations (Fail to) Address the Norms that Motivate Dowry Payments in India by Shubhangi Roy

Sector Specific Effectiveness of Gender Budgeting on Gender Equality and Fiscal Space: Empirical Evidence From Asia Pacific by Lekha Chakraborty, Marian Ingrams, Yadawendra Singh & Komal Jain

Sex Worker as the Juridical Subject: Interrogating the Violence of Legal Interpretation by Rachna Chaudhary

Environmental Rule of Law in India: A Transformative Principle or Old Wine in a New Bottle? by Himanshu Ahlawat & Sujith Koonan

Beyond the Legal Status of Cities: A Framework for Analysing Multi-Level Governance by Mariana Valverde & Anirudh Goel

Impact of FDI Policy on Animal Husbandry Sector in India: A Post COVID-19 Scenario by Vivek Mukherjee & Akansha Singh


Bhavya Nain vs High Court of Delhi: Bipolar Disorder and Competence, Agency, Disability by Arun Sagar


Intellectual Property and Immorality: Against Protecting Harmful Creations of the Mind by Jyothsna Gurumurthy