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Reforms in PDS Administration Through Computerisation: A Weak Case for Aadhaarisation by Nandan Nawn

Enhancing Good Governance in India: Law Schools and Community-University Engagement by Jane Schukoske & Roopali Adlakha

Proposals To Reform the Law Pertaining to Sexual Offences in India by Pallavi Arora


The Protection of Children From the Sexual Offences Act, 2012: A Critique of the Decision to Raise the Age of Consent for Sexual Relations by Chitwan Deep Singh, Prashant Pranjal & Sahil Arora

The National Food Security Bill, 2011: An Opportunity Lost? by Balu G Nair

The Emergence of A “High Court of India”: Separating the Myth From the Substance by Shraddha Kulhari & Sujoy Chatterjee


Prafull Goradia v. Union of India, (2011) 2 SCC 568 by Manavi Belgaumkar and Sudhir Krishnaswamy