Citation: 5 (Monsoon) JILS (2014);  eISSN: 2393-848X.


Special Editorial Note: On Uniform Civil Code, Legal Pluralism and the Constitution of India by M. P. Singh


From Bhopal to Saha: The Elusive Promise of Effective Legal Remedy by Marc Galanter


A Rare Judge by P. P. Rao

Granville Austin: A Tribute by Upendra Baxi


Assessing the National Green Tribunal after Four Years by Armin Rosencranz & Geentajoy Sahu

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Paternalism and Filicide by Shruti Rajagopalan

Contradictory Tendencies: The Supreme Court’s NALSA Judgment on Transgender Recognition and Rights by Aniruddha Dutta

Resurrecting the Other of ‘Modern’ Law: Investigating Niyamgiri Judgment & Legal Epistemology by Amit Bindal

Law and the Obscene Image: Reading Aveek Sarkar v. State of West Bengal by Latika Vashist


Pursuing Elusive Justice: Mass Crimes in India and Relevance of International Standards – Review by Kalpana Kannabiran

India’s Rights Revolution: Has it Worked for the Poor? –  Review by Jackie Dugard

The Informal Constitution: Unwritten Criteria in Selecting Judges for the Supreme Court of India – Review by Tasneem Deo

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