Citation: 6 (Monsoon) JILS (2015);  eISSN: 2393-848X.


Editorial Note: Indian Feminisms, Law Reform and The Law Commission of India: Special Issue in Honour of Lotika Sarkar by Rukmini Sen and Saptarshi Mandal


Legal Education for Law Reform by Archana Parashar

The Spoils of Marriage: Irretrievable Breakdown and Matrimonial Property in the Law Commission of India Reports by Srimati Basu

The Law Commission and Surrogacy: A Critical Look at the 228th Reportby Sneha Banerjee

The Law Commission on  Crimes and Killing in the Name of “Honour”-A Myopic and Patriarchal Vision  by Kirti Singh

Gazing From a Distance: Spatial Reading of A Law Commission Report by Nidhin Donald

Continuities and Change: The Law Commission and Sexual Violence by Geetanjali Gangoli and Martin Rew

Law Commissions of India and Goa Law Commissions: Framing the Absences of Regional Differences with Special Reference to Goa by Albertina Almeida