Citation: 8 JILS (2017)

From the Desk of the Honourable Vice Chancellor

Editorial Note: Portability of Social Security for Indian Migrant Workers in the Gulf – A Need of the Hour by Siddharth Sonkar


Transactional Sex: A Socioeconomic Right Rooted in Dignity and Consent by Bhaskar Kumar

Leave to Bleed: A Jurisprudential Study of the Policy of Menstrual Leaves by Vrinda Aggarwal


How does India Fare on Regulatory Hygiene? Status Check of the Rule-Making Process by Bhuvana Anand, Ritika Shah, and Jayana Bedi

Individual’s Right to Privacy: Panchayati Eclecticism and Feminist Constitutionalism by Ishani Mookherjee

Religious Practices and Evolving Jurisprudence of Article 17 by Snehil Kunwar Singh


Will the Abrogation of Article 35A Lead to Greater Gender Equality in Jammu & Kashmir by Varun Kannan